Brown/Black Joggers with Exposed Pockets
Brown/Black Joggers with Exposed Pockets

Brown/Black Joggers with Exposed Pockets


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Comfort meets eccentric fashion with the Brown/Black joggers - perfect for lounging at home or heading outdoors in winter.

Vivid Expression

The contrasting camel brown and black color scheme, along with the unique front exposed pockets, give these joggers a vivid expression to capture anyone's attention. It also makes them incredibly versatile for a variety of paired garments, such as a tank top or sweater.

Unrestricted Comfort

An elasticized waist, wide-set ankles, and rear pockets accent these pants for functionality. In addition to these practical touches, the unconventional design of the joggers makes them particularly freeing, allowing you to embrace a more exclusive style.

Walk in a comfortable and whimsical fashion wearing these staple joggers.

  • Elasticized waist
  • Exposed front pockets
  • Comfortable fit
  • Wide ankles
  • 2 rear pockets




No Rhyme But Reason

hominum philosophy

At Hominum, we believe that the best way to explore different cultures is through clothing, nevertheless the stories behind each brand are just as important to us as the exclusive pieces each brand offers.

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