A-line Black/Beige Cotton Shorts
A-line Black/Beige Cotton Shorts

A-line Black/Beige Cotton Shorts


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The paneled colors and classy style of these cotton shorts make them a versatile garment for both casual outings and formal occasions. 

Stylish Comfort

A casual yet unique take on everyday shorts, you can make cozy to look fun and eccentric with this exclusive design. Take a look at our other graphic shorts if you want to make more of a statement or take advantage of this design's versatility with your wardrobe.

Unique Color Scheme

The beige colors contrast softly with the black, finished with stunning red accents that are a bold yet innovative design choice. Sewn-back leg hems give them a more tapered look, while the addition of a rear pocket provides the important practical feeling that every pair of shorts needs.

  • Exclusive design
  • Elasticized waistband
  • Paneled contrasting tones
  • Sewn-back leg hems + rear pocket
  • Cotton 98% EA 2%
  • Made in Georgia 




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