Cut Out Waist Dress
Cut Out Waist Dress
Cut Out Waist Dress
Cut Out Waist Dress

Cut Out Waist Dress


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An extraordinarily unusual style makes this Cut Out Waist Dress a truly captivating piece.

Asymmetrical Fashion

The cut-out detail on the left side of the dress presents a remarkable aesthetic, creating a noticeable "asymmetrical" style. This complements the figure for a flattering effect, showing off the left side of your waist and allowing air to flow in. A U-shape hook adorns the back.

Seasonal Design

With the long sleeves, low scoop neckline, and ankle-length of this dress, it's ideal for Autumn, Winter, and perhaps even Spring. This versatility grants it a cherished place among your wardrobe dresses, especially for its unconventional style.

Pair the dress with some boots for a cohesive winter/autumn look, and dress it up with your favorite pieces of jewelry if it's a special occasion. Otherwise, keep it simple for casual comfort.

  • Cut out waist
  • Ankle-length
  • Long sleeves with thumb holes
  • Low scoop neckline




No Rhyme But Reason

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