Double Collar Coat - Beige
Double Collar Coat - Beige
Double Collar Coat - Beige

Double Collar Coat - Beige


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Thick, warm, and essential for winter, the Double Collar Coat in beige will have you eager to step out into the cold weather.

 Versatile Freedom

The neutral beige color scheme and essential style of the Double Collar Coat give you the freedom to style it with various other garments. Dresses, pants, boots, heels, scarves, and numerous other clothes will effortlessly pair with this coat.

 Practical Finishes

With a long length, pockets, belt closure, and cushioned warmth, everything about this beige coat was designed to assure style and comfort for even the briskest of days. It also features a double collar for extra insulation and stunning contrast.

No matter what the occasion is, when warmth and eccentric fashion are required, this coat won't disappoint.

  • Double collar
  • Versatile beige color
  • Long length coat
  • Cushioned warmth
  • Pockets & belt
  • Contrasting black accents




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